What are the highlights of the Siemens Home Appliances Design Award?
The Award Ceremony with the winner announcement in March 2022 will definitely be the biggest highlight. It will take place in Munich and will be streamed virtually on this website in the Event Space. During the competition, several high-ranking experts will share their knowledge with the community in educational formats and even provide personal insights in inspiring talks to be found in the Design Coach Content area. This is not just a competition for the participants, but even more a learning platform for anyone who is interested in design related topics.
Who should be interested in the Siemens Home Appliances Design Award?
Anyone interested in design and visionary ideas that could shape our future. The Siemens Design Award is planned to be a project as open and inclusive as possible. Therefore, the content of this website is publicly available and Siemens Home Appliances invites everyone to use the contents for educational and entertaining purposes. However, students and young professionals with a design related background and a truly great idea can become an active part of the competition until the registration deadline on 28 November 2021.
What is the vision of the Siemens Home Appliances Design Award?
Siemens Home Appliances firmly believes that young people and their ideas are the future and should therefore be supported. New influences and ideas are always necessary and appreciated. Truly great things can only be achieved through the exchange of ideas and expertise. This is exactly why Siemens Home Appliances wants to provide a platform for young talents. They should have a place to push boundaries, challenge their creativity, expand their horizon and just explore the opportunities of great design. Furthermore, anyone should take advantage of advancing their interests on the platform Siemens Home Appliances provides.
What are the benefits of following the activities of the Siemens Home Appliances Design Award?
We aim to give insights into the industrial design industry. Valuable experience and expertise shared by thought leaders is a take away of the overall award.

Then, of course, there is the prize money for active participants: We award 15,000€ to the first place winner, 10,000€ to the second place winner and 5,000€ to the third place winner. The audience choice award is endowed with 5,000€. Beyond the prize money however, the projects and teams will gain visibility, which might even lead to opportunities beyond the Siemens Design Award.
Who will be on stage?
We have invited several very interesting personalities to share their expertise, give insights and spread inspiration. Stay tuned to find out who belongs to our expert network and follow the expert announcements on our LinkedIn channel: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/siemens-home-visions/.


What is the Siemens Home Appliances Design Award?
The Siemens Design Award is a competition for young designers. It is a chance to test their skills and compete against other teams from universities and young professionals from all over the world. It is a platform where students can apply their theoretical knowledge practically and present their ideas to an international audience. Young professionals on the other hand can show what they have learned in the early days of their career. All participants will get to know design experts and industry thought leaders who will expand the horizon of the young designers while they are solving an exciting assignment.
What is this year’s theme and task?
The challenge of ‘resources’ (and how to save them) is the very centre of this edition. This year, we want to focus on resources like materials and energy, yet also consider resources like human health. The task will be to create a future-oriented design concept. It can be a product, a system or a service. We are looking forward to create a sustainable future for our target group. Additional information can be found in our Briefing document or the Briefing video.
How does the Siemens Home Appliances Design Award work?
Participants are either students from our international partner universitites or free entries. The partner university students will operate under the guidance of their professors. Young professionals and other students can rely on the so-called Wildcard Patrons who build the counterpart to the universities. Both entities decide which teams under their guidance reach the Semi-Finals and will be able to present their project idea to the Jury. Participants who pass the Semi-Finals face one last challenge before they present their finalized project to the Jury in March.

During the Project Phase from October 2021 to January 2022 and the Project Improvement Phase in February, all participants are supported by a network of international experts. The so-called Design Coach Crew and various Speakers share their knowledge on design related topics and give inspiring insights into personal and social matters. The recorded and live Inspiration Talks and Learning Lessons will be accessible to the public as well through the Siemens Home Appliances Design Award Campus. Q&A Sessions with selected experts will however be only offered to Siemens Design Award participants.
Involved parties
Partner universities
Siemens Home Appliances collaborates with five partner universities for the Siemens Design Award. Including: Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Elisava School of Design and Engineering, Istanbul Technical University, Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design and Umea University.

The Jury analyses and decides which product ideas have the most potential. These experts will decide on the semi-finalists and the final winners.

Design Coach Crew
The Design Coaches are the driver of the educational content formats. In this role, they support the participants during the Project Phase and offer guidance. They appear in educational video formats and share their expertise in Q&A Sessions with the participants.

Wildcard Patron
The Wildcard Patrons are the point of contact for Siemens Design Award participants who are not enrolled in one of the partner universities. All free entry participants will be supported by one of the two persons in this role. The Wildcard Patrons decide if a project idea has enough potential to be presented to the Jury in the Semi-Finals. They will cheer for their teams on their personal social media channels.

Inspiring Keynote Speakers
Carefully selected inspirational personalities will share their experiences, knowledge and insights in short keynotes.

Siemens Home Appliances
Siemens Home Appliances is an intelligent kitchen company. As a driver of progress and engineering excellence, it is our aim to promote and foster new ideas, technologies, and solutions. We aim for innovative and new ways right where they take shape: In the ambitious minds of students and young professionals. We want to give these ideas a chance to be seen and realized.
When will the Siemens Home Appliances Design Award take place?
The Siemens Design Award will start in October 2021 and end in March 2022 with the winner announcement at the Award Ceremony.
Where will the Siemens Home Appliances Design Award take place?
Due to the current situation, the Siemens Design Award is designed as a hybrid concept and takes place mainly in the virtual sphere on this platform. Only the Award Ceremony with the winner announcement will take place as an event physically in Munich in March 2022 and virtually on this website.
How can I participate actively?
Students and Young Professionals from all around the world are invited to become an active part of the Siemens Design Award. The video “How to participate” sums up all the necessary information. Expectations and clear instructions can be found in the Submission Details.
How can I join the Award Ceremony?
Registrations to stream the event live on this platform will be open in the beginning of March. Only journalists can request a physical event participation here.