Siemens Home Appliances Design Award 2022 Participation conditions

The conditions outlined below apply for participation in the “Siemens Home Appliance Design Award 2022” (“Competition”).

1. Organizer
The organizer of the Competition is BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, Carl-Wery-Str. 34, 81739 Munich, Germany (“BSH”). The organizer will be supported by the following universities (“Universities”) in conducting the Competition.

2. Object of the Competition
The object of the Competition is to create contributions to the thematic threads “sustainability” and “healthy living,” concepts for the Siemens brand home appliances, in particular in the combination of product design and interaction design (“Competition Entries”). Ideas for designing 21st century home appliances are to be developed and presented in the Competition Entries. How will people live in the future? What will appliances look like in the future, how will the surroundings look, how will appliances be operated, how will people's everyday lives change in relation to home appliances, which requirements can be derived? Which new functions will emerge, which can be dispensed with, and how will they be incorporated into the house of the future?

Only Competition Entries that are new and have not previously been made public, and whose contents do not violate any laws may be submitted.

3. Participants
Students enrolled at Universities in the subjects of product design/industrial design and interaction design, as well as subjects that fit in with the above thematic threads in the broader sense, are eligible to participate, as well as graduates who have a maximum of 3 years of professional experience ("participants"). Employees of BSH and their relatives are excluded from participation.

Besides participants from selected partner universities also free entries will be allowed to join the competition if all participation requirements are met.

Insofar as Participants violate the participation conditions, BSH reserves the right to exclude such individuals from the Competition.

4. Competition procedure
In general: There are two tracks to enter the award. The university track is intended for students from all over the world who form teams within their universities. The open track is intended for young professionals who have already graduated but are working for no longer than three years.

On the university track, the responsible professors will organize their students into teams. As far as possible, the teams should be mixed from the fields of product design and interaction design, as well as broader disciplines.
These respective responsible professors will also make the pre-selection. Each university will select its two most promising projects. Only one competition entry (project) is permitted per team.
This pre-selection process can be handled individually based on a detailed catalogue listed in §7.

On the open track, the teams will organize themselves. As far as possible, the teams should be interdisciplinary. This track will be guided by two so-called Wildcard Patrons.
These Wildcard Patrons are two independent experts (no employers of the BSH) which will be nominate in advance to the start of the competition. Both Patrons will gather several teams behind them. The number of Wildcard teams will equal to the number of university teams. These two Patrons will also be responsible for the pre-selection in their teams.

In general: The first project phase starts for both tracks on 1.10.2021 and lasts until 16.01.2022 at the latest. It concludes with the pre-selection process Therefore, all teams from both tracks must submit their project data (uploaded to) the Siemens Design Award website/platform by 16.01.2022 at the latest.

After the pre-selection, which takes place from 17.01.2022 until 24.01.2022, the maximum of 10 teams from the partner universities will join with the maximum of 10 selected entries from the open entry track. These 20 teams will present their concepts in pre-recorded videos which they will submit before 16.01.2022 at the latest.

The pre-jury will be organized in remote pitches. In the process, the jury will select 10 finalists independently from their initial track by 24.01.2022 at the latest. With this step, both tracks will merge. All finalists will receive generic and non-specific feedback from the jury after their presentations.

These 10 teams then enter the second phase called improvement phase 31.01.22 – 06.03.22 of the award.
Based on the generic feedback, the finalist teams now have the chance to improve their projects. After the improvement phase, the teams can also provide physical mock-ups to support their ideas. The finalist teams will have to make their physical mock-ups available and all other data to BSH by 06.03.2022 at the latest.

The 10 finalist will present their concepts during an event to a virtual and physical audience. This event and award ceremony is planned as a hybrid format that takes place on-site as far as the COVID-restrictions will allow on 15.03.2022 at the latest.
After all finalist teams have presented their projects, the jury will announce the first, second and third place of the Siemens Home Appliances Desing award.
Additionally, an audience prize of 5.000€ will be awarded later at the event by the physical audience and the LinkedIn community.

5. Jury
The jury (“Jury”) responsible for selecting the Winning Teams consists of independent experts from the fields of design, innovation, home appliances and kitchens, whose individual members are still to be defined. The jury member will be announced by end of September 2021.

6. Selection procedure, prizes, award ceremony
As with the pre-selection, the following criteria in particular will be taken into account in the selection procedure:

  • Degree of innovation
  • Future vision / brand fit for the Siemens Home Appliances
  • Integration into the “household or everyday life of the future”
  • Personal benefit for the defined target group “progress seeker”
  • Product esthetics / brand fit for the Siemens Home Appliances
  • Product design and usability or interaction of both topic areas
  • manufacturability and marketability
  • Sustainability, ecological compatibility, ecological quality
  • Social relevance
  • Overall concept
  • Durability

The order of the criteria above does not determine the ranking order. The Jury and the group of persons making the pre-selection are free to determine the weighting of the criteria in their assessment.

The Winning Teams from the competition will receive the following prizes:

1st prize: 15.000€
2nd prize: 10.000€
3rd prize: 5.000€

The prize money will go directly to the Winning Teams and be presented in the form of a collection only check. The prizes cannot be paid out in cash or exchanged for a different prize. The prizes are non-transferable. The judges' decision is final.

An official award ceremony is planned to take place on-site on 15.03.2022 at the latest.

BSH and affiliated companies are entitled to make or arrange the making of film, photographic and other recordings of the Participants and/or Teams (“Recordings”) and to use these free of charge and unrestricted in terms of time and location for all types of use.

7. Publication of Competition Entries
Regardless of any acquisition of rights under Clause 9, BSH and affiliated companies are entitled to publish all submitted and/or nominated Competition Entries in print media, TV spots, at trade fairs or in online- and social media. The Participants shall grant BSH the corresponding right of publication free of charge and unlimited by time and location. There shall be no entitlement to publication on the part of the Participants however.

The right of publication under this Clause 8 includes the right of BSH to exhibit all submitted and/or Nominated Competition Entries on 15.03.2022 at the latest at the award ceremony in Munich without separate compensation.

The Teams shall undertake to provide BSH upon request with an exhibit of their own Competition Entry that is suitable for presentation (exhibit, model and/or animations or other suitable media: “Exhibit”). The Exhibits are to be made available to BSH by 06.03.2022 at the latest at the latest following agreement.

The Exhibits can be prototypes or models made from wood, paper, iron, etc., drawings or videos and animations and must not exceed an exhibition space of 4 m². If an Exhibit consists of cinematic documentation, the Team must also provide the associated playback device. The Exhibits, including any playback equipment, shall be returned to the Teams immediately following the exhibition period.

BSH shall not be liable for loss of or damage to the Exhibits including any playback equipment, in particular due to poor workmanship of the models (inadequate adhesion, adhesive surfaces that are too small, etc.) or unsuitable packaging. Additional information on displaying the exhibits will be provided to the Teams by BSH during the Competition and/or following agreement.

8. Support of PR activities
The competition will be accompanied by professional communication that will include PR and marketing activities provided by BSH marketing teams and assigned agencies. All participants will be supported with professional guidance in terms of press inquiries / media relations, social media activities and other publication demands.
Participants will be asked to support PR activities by sharing their experiences during the competition to benefit from the participation in their own interest. To align all communication related activities individual alignments will be made with all partner universities and the respective communication departments."

9. Acquisition of usage rights
BSH is entitled to negotiate with the Participants in relation to the acquisition of their work products and the associated rights. The Participants are obliged not to offer their work products and the associated rights for acquisition to any third party until negotiations are concluded, but no later than three months after completion of the project. If agreement is reached on acquisition, the parties will conclude a separate agreement in this regard.

10. Liability and third-party rights
The Participants shall ensure that they are the authors of the Competition Entry for their Team, that the Competition Entry submitted by them is free of third-party rights and that they possess all rights to the submitted Competition Entry.

The Participants shall be liable for violating cardinal contractual obligations (in other words, obligations that must be met to enable proper implementation of this agreement and which the other party can usually rely upon to be fulfilled), for intent and for any negligence, although liability shall be limited to damage that is typical of the agreement and was foreseeable in the case of simple negligence.
Apart from that, liability of the Participants due to claims from violation of the agreement or tortious act shall be limited to damage that is caused through intent or gross negligence; the amount of liability shall be limited to €5,000.00, except in the case of intent. Liability for indirect and consequential damage shall be excluded in the event of gross negligence

11. Confidentiality
The Participants shall agree to treat as confidential and not make accessible to third parties without agreement all knowledge, documents, conceptual formulations and business transactions of BSH that become known to them as part of the Competition and to observe this obligation also beyond the duration of the Competition. The obligation of confidentiality does not apply if such information was demonstrably already known before it was communicated or is known in general, is lawfully obtained from third parties or whose disclosure is required by law or ordered by a judge.

12. Data protection
BSH shall undertake to use personal data of the Participants exclusively for conducting the Competition and not to make such data available to third parties.

All data relating to Participants will be deleted on completion of the Competition. The Participants have the right at all times to free information about the data stored about them, its origin and recipients and the purpose for which it is being stored. BSH shall also be obliged, upon demand, to rectify, block or delete data relating to Participants.
For further information, please refer to the enclosed information sheet "Information and transparency obligations according to Art. 13 DS-GVO for the Siemens Home Appliance Design Award 2022".

13. Applicable law / place of jurisdiction
The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply to these participation conditions, to the exclusion of private international law and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).
The sole legal venue for all disputes from or in connection with these participation conditions shall be Munich, Germany.

14. Contact details
BSH Hausgeräte GmbH
Jens Hoyer BSI-DSP
Carl-Wery-Str 34
81739 Munich

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